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Jack’s Journey - 6 months after the operation

March 2014

Wow, time flies!  Jack has had his CI now for 6 months and is responding really really well with it!  Having two boys, one with Hearing Aid’s and one with a CI, it is hard not to compare.  Jack can hear me a lot better than what Reid can, but unfortunately Reid has been declined a 2nd time for a CI.  I will keep nagging as we do as parents.

Jack still likes to take the CI out so continues to wear his cool dinosaur hat (see picture below).  It is peace of mind for us though, as he is such an active wee boy, the CI comes out when he runs and jumps, so this keeps it safe.  He certainly gets plenty of cool looks with his hat, but you also get the frustrating remarks from people but you just let them go.  

Up until the end of last year, Jack and I were travelling to Auckland fortnightly for habilitation and audiology appointments, but now they are down to 6-8 weeks for audiology and in between I Skype The Hearing House for our habilitation sessions, so it works really well.  Everyone is happy with Jack’s progress, especially me Mum and Brad Dad.  He is making new sounds every week which is music to my ears.  He doesn’t get as frustrated with not being able to communicate, so that makes my job a lot easier.

According to The Hearing House, he has slowed down a lot since they saw him last in December.  Perhaps they should spend 1 day with Jack and they might change their minds.  He is a very busy boy, into everything, but continues to make us smile (how can you not when he smiles as you with that cheeky smile like above).

Jack started at a home based daycare at the beginning of the year for ½ a day a week – he loves this and loves interacting with the other kids, and I think it is also great for him to hear other peoples voices throughout the week and not just mine.  So it is a win win situation.  His carer adores him and is one of his surrogate Aunties who is fantastic at keeping his CI on.  She had one time when Jack had taken his CI out and she thought we were just around the dining table, so it must be just around her, but no, Jack likes to give you a challenge and he had actually thrown it over the neighbours fence!  Luckily they had recently mown their lawns so they could find it easier!