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After diagnosis

When you’ve been told your baby has a hearing loss you will have lots of questions. You will probably experience a range of emotions and feelings about your child's diagnosis, from shock to relief that your suspicions have been confirmed.

You are not alone. There are other parents and their whānau who have been in your place, there is support and help available.

Regional Parent Groups offer peer-to-peer parent support and in these early days the information you get from this website and other parents of deaf children in your local area, will be helpful in getting answers to your questions. 

A word of advice about the internet and 'Dr Google' is that there is a lot of rubbish out there, so if you are doing your own online research try to find out who wrote an article, who funded it, and is the information provided backed up with unbiased, creditable research?

"When your child is first diagnosed, you have a range of emotions that you sometimes actually feel a bit bad about thinking... that's actually normal." Llana, parent.

Be sure to go to the Communication page under the Communication & Hearing section on this website, for a quick read on different types of communication choices and links to more research and information.

Also check out our What parents have to say... page under the Parents section. Our member parents responded to a survey question in late 2015 about what advice they have for parents with a newly-diagnosed baby or child. 

Recommended reading

The Family Book

The Family book was produced for families and whanau of children newly diagnosed with a hearing loss.  The book gives an overview of hearing loss, stories and information from families and young adults about what life is like growing up Deaf.  

The latest updated version is produced by the Ministry of Education with assistance from various community organisations including NZFDC and is also supported by the Ministry of Health.  

  • Order a print copy of the Family Book by calling 0800 622 222
  • Go to the Family Book page to download sections

Family Information Kits

Photo of the books from the Family Information Kit by NZFDCFamily Information Kits are an extremely valuable resource, distributed by NZFDC to newly diagnosed children and their families. The kits have within them resources that cover all aspects to help with the journey of having a deaf or hard of hearing child or children. 

These include a copy of the Family Book, New Zealand Sign Language DVDs and handbooks, Word cards for speech and pronunciation, books with deaf characters, two story books for the deaf or hard of hearing child, and information about our Parent Groups around New Zealand and NZFDC.

To register your child and family with NZFDC, please go to the Registration form >