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Hearing aids

A teenage girl holding a hearing aid in front of herA hearing aid is a small electrical machine which fits in or behind a person's ear. The purpose of a hearing aid is to make sounds louder so the person can hear spoken words and other sounds' - Simple Wikipedia.

There are many different options in regards to hearing aids, with a number of companies producing them around the world. They can come in different colors, sizes and with different options for varying needs. The benefits of hearing aids will depend on level of hearing loss, and the causes of that loss.

A summary is available here 'How can hearing aids help you' from Hearing Link (Scotland). 

If your child is to be fitted with hearing aids, there are a few things that you will need to do to keep them working at their very best.

The links below give a great list from Auzzie Deaf Kids and some handy tips on ear moulds.

The challenges of keeping Hearing Aids (and Cochlear Implants) on

Keeping hearing aids or cochlear implants on children, particularly small children and babies can seem like an impossible task. Every parent of a deaf/hard of hearing child could give you story after story of tricks they have tried, and just as many stories of the epic fails of keeping the hardware on their children. Below is a resource that has been created by NZ parents who have overcome (or are in the process of overcoming) these difficulties and who have passed on their knowledge through our Tips for keeping cochlear implants or hearing aids on.

Tips for keeping hearing aids and cochlear implants on (PPT, 790Kb)

Success for Kids

Success for Kids with Hearing Loss is a US website with hints and tips for both parents and teachers, it has a good article on 'Strategies for keeping hearing aids on young children'. 


Hands and Voices

A parent led organisation in the US, and have some wonderful parent written tips for almost every question you may have.

Read an article called 'Equipment and Babies; Not Quite Mission Impossible' on the Hands and voices website.

Pre-School and School

For information to give to your child's classroom teacher,

Acoustics and Socialisation - For Teachers - Things to be aware of within a classroom to ensure that all children have access to conversation within the classroom, and the importance of 'overhearing'.

'The Starting School checklist' on the Auzzie Deaf Kids website, is a list of things to take with you when deciding on the school your child will attend.