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Audiology & technology


The technology available to deaf or hard of hearing people is progressing at an amazing rate.

Compared to the hearing aids of a few decades ago, hearing aids for both adults and children now are incredibly tiny and high-tech, with the ability to direct sound, to filter background noises and to connect wirelessly to other devices.

The introduction of the cochlear implant has added another facet to the technology available, and with such tools as FM systems, iPads in schools and sound-field systems in classrooms, deaf or hard of hearing children have far better access to education in mainstream schools.

Hearing tests, Audiology and Audiograms

You will probably be on a crash course in Audiology during the first year or so of your child being diagnosed with a hearing loss. Sometimes this can be very overwhelming and often the vocabulary is hard to understand and delivered frighteningly fast.

Understanding the audiogram

You can watch a Audiology presentation by Neil Heslop, Audiologist, van Asch Deaf Education Centre and Paul Perryman, explaining the Audiogram -  a recording a child’s hearing thresholds and cochlear implants on the Parent Hui 2015 page.

Useful links

Here are a few links to sites that explain some of the information you may have been given.