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Assistive devices

There are a large number of technological advances that have made every day life easier for Deaf or Hard of Hearing children, such as loud ringing or flashing alarm clocks, mobile phones that vibrate, or flashing smoke detectors.  

If you require financial assistance to purchase an assistive device, we may be able to contribute to this.

  • Download the Application form, print it off, fill it out and post or email it to the address at the bottom of the form.  
  • The amount reimbursed each time is 50% of the purchase price or $200 whichever is lesser.  
  • Each student may apply up to 5 times in the span of their life with NZFDC.

Please note; for all our financial assistance, families MUST be financial members of an affiliated Parent Group. For information on your local Parent Group, or for any other information on our financial assistance, please contact us.

Download the Assistive device application form